Year 6

'The best way to predict your future is to create it' Abraham Lincoln

Life in Year 6 

Life in Year 6 is busy but so much fun. The children develop their roles in our wider school community and all children become buddies to our FS2 children, which is such a privilege. The children have the opportunity to put themselves forward for a variety of different roles of responsibility such as Junior Leadership, monitors and members of various councils. The Junior Road Safety Officers in Year 6 help to educate their peers on the importance of keeping safe in the community. Our B’s Buddies work really hard to support the younger children at playtimes and have such a valuable role.

Year 6 develop their knowledge and learning about lots of different subject areas such as the impact on St Helens after World War One and Two, Rivers and Mountains, Volcanoes, Evolution and different religious beliefs. Each day includes reading, writing and maths and we enjoy a rich and varied curriculum in the afternoons including two sessions of PE with our specialist teacher and weekly music sessions with a specialist teacher from our Local Authority. We also offer tuition sessions every morning before school from Monday to Thursday and after school one night a week.

During the Summer Term, the children have the opportunity to go the Annual Year 6 School Holiday to Snowdonia. This is always a highlight!

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