Year 3

'Our children should be properly introduced to the world in which they live.' Thomas Berry

Life in Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

We have now joined Key Stage 2 to continue our learning journey, and as such, we have started to gain responsibilities around school.  In our class we have two Junior Leaders, who work to make our school an even better place, along with Reading Ambassadors, Maths Ambassadors and two representatives on the Arts Council. Working together, our class representatives listen to the children’s point of view. They make sure our children can voice their opinions. It is great to discuss and raise issues that matter to children in our class.

We have a busy year of learning including lots of fascinating topics including: Stone, Bronze and Iron Age Britain, Deserts and Jungles, Changes to our Local Area, Forces, Magnets and Light. We are set for a busy year! Each day we learn new writing, reading and maths knowledge and skills, as well as a range of subjects over the week such as Science, Computing, PE, Geography, History, Art, Religious Education and Spanish.

Our favourite part of the week is Friday morning, this is when we spend time learning music. We are currently working learning to play glockenspiel and recorder!

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