Year 1


  • We are learning about PLACE VALUE to one hundred, counting forwards and backwards. Counting multiples of 2, 5 and 10 is a focus as we spend lots of time representing numbers using objects and pictures.
  • For number, we introduce MULTIPLICATION< DIVISION and FRACTIONS. We will use groups and make arrays.
  • For MEASUREMENT we learn about money and time.
  • We continue to develop MATHEMATICAL REASONING skills using ‘alike and different’, ‘Spot the difference’, ‘find the mistake’, ‘what comes next’, ‘missing numbers” ‘missing symbols’, and fact families problems.
  • Our PROBLEM SOLVING skills are taught using real life objects. Weekly  investigations help us develop the vocabulary we need to explain our understanding.

In the Summer Term we are focusing on using real objects, cubes, counters, diennes, number lines, whole part models, bar models,frames and Numicon.

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