'Children have real understanding only of that which they invent themselves.' Jean Piaget

Life in FS2

What a special place to be, learn, develop and grow as an individual!

In FS2, it is our intention to teach core knowledge within our Early Years Curriculum that will support the children to develop essential skills across the seven areas of development and of course beyond! Through a stimulating and motivating environment, accompanied by high quality play, and supported through thoughtful adult interactions we scaffold the children’s experiences so their knowledge and skills grow. We follow the EYFS Framework and use Development Matters as a supporting resource. We enable our children to develop their language for communication, so that they can express themselves with purpose and clarity. We support children to develop their knowledge of why communication and language is so important, learning from books, songs, rhymes and of course each other! Children are also enabled to become thoughtful and patient listeners building on their knowledge about how to do this appropriately in different contexts.

The 3 Prime Areas within the Early Years Foundation Stage are: Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Communication and Language Development and these are at the heart of our practice, forming the firm foundations of our teaching.  The children have enriched opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills within the Specific Areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage taking part in learning which focuses on Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

Each day the children have designated activity times in which they will come together in smaller groups and access a different area of learning through a variety of activities. The children also take part in small group activities each week which are also linked to the areas of learning and the development of specific knowledge. The children take part in daily mathematics, literacy and phonics sessions to develop their understanding of number, shape, space and measure, reading, writing, letters and sounds. Throughout every experience, we purposefully build children’s vocabulary.

Each day the children access both indoor and outdoor continuous provision which allows the children to choose different activities which aim to further enhance and develop their knowledge and skills.
Through continuous provision, group time and focus activities, we support the children in their learning and development. Informed observations are made of the children to establish their level of development and track their progress. Practitioners in FS2 use observations, photographs and children’s work as evidence of each child’s learning and development which builds up in a portfolio throughout the year. The aim in FS2 is to support children by enhancing and scaffolding their learning and play, watching them as they learn new knowledge and skills and flourish.

At Eaves, we invite Parents and Carers to contribute to their child’s learning and development and encourage Parents and Carers to be part of the learning process by working in partnership with school.



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