In FS1 children learn through the Foundation Stage Framework consisting of 7 areas of learning: Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication and Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

Each day the children have designated activity times in which they will come together in smaller groups and access a different area of learning through a variety of activities. The children also take part in small group activities each week which are also linked to the areas of learning. The children take part in daily mathematics, literacy and phonics sessions to develop their understanding of number, shape, space and measure, reading, writing, letters and sounds.

Each day the children access both indoor and outdoor continuous provision which allows the children to choose different activities which aim to further enhance and develop their skills.

Through continuous provision, group time and focus activities, we aim to support the children in their learning and development. Continuous observations are made of the children to establish their level of development and track their progress. Practitioners in FS1 use observations, photographs and children’s work as evidence of each child’s learning and development which is tracked through their learning journey portfolios. The aim in FS1 is to support children by enhancing and scaffolding their learning and play, watching them as they learn new skills and flourish.

At Eaves, we invite parents to contribute to their child’s learning and development and cannot encourage you enough to be a part of their learning process.

Don’t forget to send in any photo’s or observation sheets in to us at any time!

Below are some websites that you might choose to use to help your child consolidate learning at home. These are interactive gaming websites that support your child with mathematics and phonics. The children also access these sites in class.